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The main function of Connecting Rod is to put all the possible deformation of the chassis power all back to the shock absorber & tires.
Due to the proportion of the body weight and other external forces will make the front and rear anti-dumping resistance is not balanced. So Connecting Rod will directly affect the weight of the body transfer and control of the balance.
If the rear wheel anti-dumping resistance is too large will lead to excessive steering, and vice versa anti-dumping resistance is too large will lead to understeer.
The Connecting Rod is designed to bolt on to your vehicle's towers with common hand tools.

High-quality material

In order to reach High rigidity and lightweight design, they use high strength aerospace aluminum alloy, material number is 6061A. The strength tensile is 31.5kg/mm2. The weight are controlled under of 2.0KG. The material has a combination of high rigidity, toughness and elasticity. Therefore, it can avoid the relative tension between the structural rod and the vehicle body to cause a structure deformation, in order to enhance rigidity , the interior of the shaft, the structure of the W-type building bridge is mainly used and the seamless aluminum tubes with high density and high ductility are interbed. It is purpose to show the best rigidity.


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